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Dear Taxpayers!

Developer kit is now available to you which contains:

·         API documentation

·         EI templates in XML format

·         EI project for SOAP

·         Signature generation application

·         Library files

To understand how the API mechanism operates, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Download the developer kit.

Step 2:

In the localserver folder there is an application that will allow you to generate a signature. It must be run from the console as Administrator by calling the start.bat file

Step 3:

soapui folder contains an XML file containing the EI project. Project must be opened in SoapUI which can be downloaded from the official website. Opening the project you will find links to the description of methods and services.

It also provides two test scenarios for the sequential execution of all operations.


Step 4:

Run the script, wait for it to complete.

In the window you may see each step of each query execution. Double-clicking on the query, you will be able to see the query body and the system response

Script results can be seen on the EI IS test stand.


You can enter the test stand using your own certificates.

A detailed description of the services and methods can be found in the documentation, in SOAP project or by the link 

Instructions for working in “Virtual warehouse” module.