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“E-invoicing” Information system (EI IS)


“E-invoicing” Web application

API-interface of the “E-invoicing” Web application

API interface of the “E-invoicing” Web application with the “Virtual Warehouse” module

Test stand




 From October 1, 2017 you need to install the utility to work in the EI IS Web application

Crypto Socket (download for Windows)  according to the instructions (download for Windows).


“CryptoSocket” software is a universal module that enables to integrate into any document management system and ERP system, allowing you to work with the EDS keys of all legitimate certification centers operating on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“CryptoSocket” software features are: support of any web browsers, independent of browsers and operating systems updates, does not require installation of Java packages, COM objects, etc. on the user's computer

Supported operating systems:


·         Windows 2008 Server;

·         Windows 7;

·         Windows 8;

·         Windows 10.

Functional features of “CryptoSocket” software are:

·         support of digital signature formation in CMS and XMLDsig format;

·         support of the ability to work with CRL, OCSP, TSP services;

·         support of PKCS#10/PKCS#7 query generation;

·         support of working with keys and key information carriers, such as: eToken72K PRO Java, JaCarta, e-IDCart, etc;

·         support of algorithms such as: GOST 34.310-2004, GOST R 34.10-2012, ST RK GOST R 34.10-2015.