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About the “Virtual Warehouse” module

            EI IS “Virtual Warehouse” module (hereinafter - VW) is created for the purpose of goods accounting systematization, automatic remains calculation and automation of business process of imported goods acceptance. EI IS VW will store information about the goods in physical warehouses of taxpayers, as well as all electronic documents that are used for goods acceptance in VW, movement and writing-off of goods from the Virtual Warehouse.

       “Virtual Warehouse” module automates the process of acceptance and writing-off of goods in VW, including on the basis of a genuine GD or import application. As a result, when you produce an EI for the selected product from the Virtual warehouse, GD information, an application for import and a certificate of origin will be loaded automatically. Ability to maintain balances online. Full download and periodic download of amendments in Virtual warehouse balances. Storage of all necessary information about the product. Control of the goods origin.

          Presence of the API-interface makes it possible to integrate a Virtual warehouse with ERP systems for accounting.

VW users customer support service address esfsd@mgd.kz

Appeals are made in accordance with the regulations

Virtual Warehouse Global Directory

“E-invoicing” Web application with the “Virtual Warehouse” module

User Guide for working in “Virtual Warehouse” module.

Instruction sheet on working with "Virtual warehouse" module

Brief instruction for lessors

API interface of the "Electronic invoice" Web application with the "Virtual warehouse" module

Collection of questions and answers.


List of EEU FEACN codes, on which the Virtual warehouse is run.

Test stand

Questions regarding the launch of the “Virtual Warehouse” pilot module in relation to taxpayers selling coal.